Boat trip 
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Boat-tour with Captain Celil

We leave with the boat Meltem about 10 a.m. from our village BogaziçiKöyü. When the cabin-boy casts off the hawsers, we leave the little harbour behind us and after a while we sail in the open water of the Aegean sea.
We put about for the many bays, creeks of the Aegean coast. Mattresses are lying in front, where you can fully enjoy the sun.
At the back there is a covered terrace to protect you against the sun and where at noon lunch is served. Fresh fish is grilled on the BBQ and for those who don’t eat fish, there is chicken. Accomplishing fresh salad, patato salad, paste is prepared on the boat by captain Celil. While fine aromas escape from the kitchen, you can enjoy your apéritif on deck.
The boat lands regularly at aplace where you can jump right into the sea for a swimming party or you can stay on board and enjoy the sun and the turquoise sea.
When we sail back to BogaziçiKöyü, you can at your turn relax in the sun, on deck in front or at the backside, while you can enjoy the landscape.
At the arrival, around 5.30 p.m., you can stop at a terrace near the harbour, to sit on talking about a relaxing journey at sea.
Villa Duygu